Terms Of Charity

Definitions And Terms Of Charity

Due to the high demand for charity partys and events Trev's Karaoke and Disco cannot guarantee availability for all such events and any events presented to Trev's Karaoke And Disco should please read the below information and read the note below.

Definition of a Charity Event.

A charity event or party is an event or party used to help raise funds to help people who are less fortunate or organisations to raise money for essential research and help the needy.

Definition of a Charity.

A charity is an institution, organization, or fund established to help the needy and such charity's will be registered.

PLEASE NOTE. Charity partys and events must be raising money for a suitably registered charity and without suitable proof will not be classed as a Charity Party or Event.

For more information on Charity's and registrations please visit the links below.

Charity Choice
The Encyclopedia of Charities On The Internet.
Website: http://www.charitychoice.co.uk

The Charity Commission 
Website: http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk

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