Booking Terms And Conditions

Trev’s Karaoke and Disco Booking Terms And Conditions

MOBILE DISCO Terms & Conditions

Please note by accepting this invoice you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated below.

To accomplish the detailed event and in mutual consideration of the obligations entered into Length (up to) under this contract, it is agreed and between said Invoiced Client and Trev's Karaoke And Disco as follows, with Invoiced Customer referred to as Client and Trev's Karaoke And Disco as DJ:

  • DJ will provide sound and light entertainment provided Client agrees to all of the Each Additional Hour terms and conditions and indicates so by signing this contract and returning one copy to DJ. Contract NOT in effect until Signed Contract and deposit received.
  • Client shall ensure that the room or area designated for the performance shall be available and open at least 2 HOURS before the above listed starting time.
  • Client shall ensure that DJ has proper protection from the elements, including direct sunlight, rain, etc. Additional charge for DJ to supply covered area (tent) maybe charged.
  • Client to provide DJ with sufficient electrical power supply within 10 meters of the designated area for the DJ and equipment, usually two 15/20 amp circuits.
  • DJ and representatives will conduct themselves in a proper manner and appropriately dressed for the venue.
  • Client shall provide any security needed to ensure a safe environment for the DJ and employees. Client also assumes full responsibility for any equipment damage by guests or patrons of the Client.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to keep children under control during the event and refrain from allowing any person or child from touching the DJs equipment. Any damages incurred through this act the cost of repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the client.
  • DJ cannot guarantee the availability of services past the contracted time stated on this invoice. Overtime, if available, charged at £30 per hour full or part.
  • A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the requested date. This fee will be in all cases unless some other form of credit is approved and noted in this agreement. Final payment of balance to be made 7 DAYS BEFORE event unless otherwise agreed with the DJ.
  • Payment of the deposit fee or payments on account will be accepted by personal or cashier cheque or cash payment. No handwritten changes may be made to this contract unless both the Client and DJ initial the changes as being mutually acceptable. Any personal or business cheques agreed MUST be received 10 Days prior to event and cleared through the banking process. No cheques will be accepted on the day of the event.
  • Client agrees to pay a £25 service charge for all returned checks, plus any bank service charges incurred by DJ.
  • DJ will make every effort to play all requests but cannot be held responsible if specific selections are not available.
  • Epilepsy Warning: During the event Strobe lighting and atmospheric effects may be used and anyone whom may suffer from side effects of these items should be pre-warned before entering the event as Trev's Karaoke and Disco cannot guarantee that the effect will not trigger any reaction, effect or epileptic seizure.

PROP HIRE Terms & Conditions IN Addition to the Above.

  • A £50 non-refundable deposit is payable on booking to hold your date for any prop hire booking and the Outstanding balance due 4 weeks prior to your event.
  • If the balance is unpaid after the due by date, it will be presumed that the booking is cancelled and it will be within the company’s rights to rebook the cart/stand for another celebration.
  • The customer agrees to allow photographs taken by the staff of Trev’s Karaoke and Disco and or Burnley’s Event and Prop Hire to be used for promotional purposes.
  • Delivery and pick up of the prop equipment to venues within Burnley are included in the cost of hire, outside of this incurs a charge for petrol and additional travelling time. Prices on application.
  • A £100 breakage deposit is required, payable on balance, which is refunded within 1 week after the event subject to there being no damage or loss to “Trev’s Karaoke and Disco’s” property.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that, under no circumstances, is the cart or any props to be moved during the celebration by anybody other than Trev’s Karaoke and Disco or Burnley Event / Prop Hire Staff. This has resulted in the past with broken glassware and damage to the cart.

Cancellation charges will apply:-
Within 4 weeks of the event – 100% of total cost.
In the event of cancellation, any breakage deposit paid will be fully refunded.
In the very unlikely event that the booking is cancelled by “Trev’s Karaoke and Disco or Burnley Event / Prop Hire” any payment received will be fully refunded.
We accept cash, cheque, postal order, bank transfer and PayPal (5% charge for PayPal).

Nut Allergies & Safety Warnings:-
Please note that some of the sweets may contain or have traces of nuts or nut oils; or may have been made alongside other products containing nuts. Trev’s Karaoke and Disco or Burnley Event / Prop Hire cannot be held responsible for any issues resulting from food allergies. Customers should also ensure that children are suitably supervised to avoid sweeties being chosen which would pose a choking risk. This is even more important for children aged under 5yrs. similar care should also be taken to ensure children’s safety relating to plastic packaging to avoid any risk of suffocation. Trev’s Karaoke and Disco or Burnley Event / Prop Hire can NOT be held responsible for safety issues which occur from the use of equipment, consumables or the consumption of confectionery left at the celebration location.

This agreement contains all terms and conditions agreed upon by the Client and DJ by accepting this invoice. No other agreements, oral or otherwise regarding the subject matter of this contract shall be deemed to exist.

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